The 11th International Exhibition of Goods, Services, Store Equipment & Chain Stores

Industry Introduction
Chain stores have a modern meaning and were established in 17 century , parallel to European industry era.
In 1859, the idea was exported to USA  and the Americans were obliged to establish the chain stores, and Atlantic Pacific Stores (A & P) were founded. The process was being continued and 60% of retail selling were done in   chain stores in 1997.
Nowadays Walmart, Kmart, Target, are named as the greatest chain stores all over the world.
walmart stores were the greatest company as a profit maker in the world with 2.1 millions of employees and 180,663 millions of dollars properties in 2013. It is predicted to have an income of 17 billion dollars in 2014. of course this industry is now developing in other continents and has a maximum amount of financial power of organizations.
In Iran, chain retailed sale stores and chain whole sale stores have been founded since 1969. Koorosh stores, shahr-o-roosta, Iran and sepah were some flag - bearers and after the victory of Islamic revolution, Refah stores, Shahrvand, Naft, Eteka, Emkan and some other stores were added.
Nowadays new stores are being activated by modern managements and it is hoped that the industry with the modern imaginations responses the society needs and approaches the financial goals according to the
international standards and lawful situations.

Exhibition Introduction
According to the importance of the subject and regard to  the respectful government of the Islamic republic of Iran, the exhibition is held by this company in Tehran International Permanent Fairground since 2002. And now the 10th international exhibition is being held. we hope to being established a committee, permanent
union, relating to the industry in equipments, goods, services of retail sales stores and whole sales stores.

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